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The Alexander Technique is a tool which can be used in anything we do….any activity from getting out of bed, cleaning our teeth, walking the dog, sitting quietly reading, and most importantly it can be used in our particular skills. For us dancers it is of course, dancing!

I am often asked "But how can it help us when we are doing unnatural things with our bodies, like turning out the legs and going on pointe?" I answer that it is PARTICULARLY helpful if we are asking our bodies to do unnatural things because:

  1. The Technique educates us to be aware of whether we are using unnecessary tensions to produce what we seek in perfecting movement.
  2. It helps us prevent these unnecessary tensions, and misplacements and imbalances caused by them, so that we can perform a step in the easiest possible way.
  3. It improves our breathing, as the removal of the unnecessary tensions releases the breathing mechanisms to be able to function unimpeded.
  4. It helps to prevent injuries due to misuse, overuse or carelessness because above all the Alexander Technique teaches us to stop and think before we move.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of how the Technique can help dancers. It is a psychophysical technique, so that can give you a clue!

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From Lucy-Claire Cann, aged 12

I started having lessons in Alexander Technique in January 2002. I was amazed at how technical my body was and how many muscles are used to do something really quite simple like sitting down. As a dancer performing some very technical movements I found it really interesting to know what strain I used to put on my poor body! Immediately I began to take care in everything I did. I started with very simple things and then progressed. I found my Alexander Technique lessons were a chance to really understand my body! When I was complimented on how the lessons were really helping it gave me a real boost and I began to gain in confidence and use it in many more things.

I am sure that the Alexander Technique has helped me and is still helping me to really understand and make me feel more in control of my body.

I love coming up to the dorm for a few minutes and lying in semi supine and then sitting up and feeling recharged and very inside myself.

I really enjoy my Alexander Technique lessons and I hope I will for some years to come.

From Charlotte Bruce, now aged 11

Since I have started the Alexander Technique I have understood all about how to breath without my ribs sticking out. When I first started my ribs didn’t relax when I did an exercise. My (ballet) teacher, Mrs. Bowden, said that I tried so hard that I just didn’t relax enough. Now that I have been doing it for about a year and a bit I think it has helped me tremendously, which is great. My (Alexander) teacher is so nice. She is the one who has helped me in the Alexander Technique so much I don’t know how to thank her. In my lessons she has shown me all the parts of the body and how to work the breathing. And to solve that we have done some “whispered ahs” which you breath out, saying a whispered “ah” and then let the breath come in. They are really enjoyable lessons.



Madeleine is always very pleased to talk to anyone about the use of the Alexander Technique for the benefit of dancers.

Don’t hesitate to contact her, if you are interested in dance and the Technique, as Madeleine is eager to learn more, and exchange experiences.

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